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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still Stay The Course?

Though he may no longer use the expression President G.W.Bush still seems to want to basically "stay the course."
Though his ship of state is headed for Niagara Bush is thus far un-willing to face reality. In so doing he gets more American military and civilain personnel killed everyday, Iraqis are dying at an incredibly high rate and the country is no closer to stability, true self government and any degree of publich safety.
The report released by the Iraq Study Group yesterday paints some stark choices for the future of Itaq policy. There is no easy course.
This is a big mess and G.W. Bush and his advisors caused it, unneccessarily so, and we will be suffering from the effects of this for a long time.
This administration has ignored the many other serious problems in the Middle East, content to operate as though the unfounded assumptions about being welcomed by dancing in the streets and the establishment of "a new wave of democracy" in the region were actually true.


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