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Friday, December 01, 2006

Gingrich Advocates "New Rules" Concerning Freedom of Speech

Former Speaker of the House and arch Clinton nemesis, the far right gad fly Newt Gingrich, shocked even the staid observers hosting him at an awards dinner given, ostensibly, to honor free speech.
Gingrich was one of the speakers at the annual Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment award dinner in Manchester, N.H. The Loeb family operates the far right Manchester Union Leader newspaper.
Gingrich told the assembly that a "different set of rules" may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.
Those are murky waters the former speaker is swimming in. Does he really support weakening the first amendment in order to make it easier to prosecute people the government may suspect as being terrorists?
Gingrich was the driving force behind the great conservative wave of 1994. He left the house under a cloud and now is apparently ready to resurrect his career in order to run for the GOP nomination for President in 2008. Now is the time to declare "No Newts is good Newts!


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