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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ann Coulter May Be Charged With Voter Fraud

The right wing harpy, hate monger Ann Coulter may be in some
trouble. She has refused to cooperate in an investigation into
whether she voted in the wrong precinct. The Elections Supervisor in Palm Beach, Arthur Anderson, said his
office has been looking into the case nine months.The matter may go to the state attorney as soon as Friday, Nov. 3.If Coulter did knowingly vote in the wrong precinct she could be
found guilty of committing a felony with a possible sentennce of up
to five years in prison.The offense alledgedly ocurred last Feb. 7, in a Palm Beach town
council election.Coulter has ignored repeated messages from the state attorney's
office. Imagine the poetic justice if Coulter should be sent to prison!
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