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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Should Sperm Cells Have 'Personhood' Status?

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Personhood laws would redefine life and birth control. Keith Mason, president of Personhood USA, wants to change the laws and constitutions of every state. He claims someone is a person "exactly at creation," that is. "It's fertilization; it's when the sperm meets the egg."
Such a definition could outlaw some forms of birth control and criminalize all abortions. It could also have many legal ramifications concerning miscarriages, inheritances, paternity and other things.
Others want to take this fringe position even further. Michele Bachmann has said that masturbation is a form of adultery.
Another fringe religious spokesman, the Right Reverend Ivan Whackett, says that male masturbation is also the equivalent of abortion and should be considered as “spermicide.”
“Those little sperm cells are alive and contain all of the DNA of a human being. Therefore they should be granted ‘personhood’ status,” said Whackett. “There are some out there with the blood of millions on their hands!”


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