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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blackouts Looming

Electricity production is lagging behind consumption. Americans are using more and more electricity and new power plants are not being built at a rate to keep pace.
Fuel costs are sky rocketing as are electric bills!
Imminent brownouts are being predicted in some quarters as summer sizzles along and the coming winter may put even more stress on our overloaded grid.
It is time to regulate electric rates once again and help working class people and the poor have the ability to keep their lights on!
Communities should have their own primary power plants and, like it or not, nuclear energy needs to be incorporated into our future energy plans.
Alternative energy sources should be rapidly developed and put in place. Solar, wind and other sources need to be given top priority.
It is also time to begin conservation in earnest! Homes do not need to so huge as many are now! We need to think smaller and smarter when it comes to building new homes and other buildings. There are lots of lights and other power hogs which do not need to be on all the time. We don't need so many lights turned on at night.


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