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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paying Off The Sunni Militias In Iraq

G.W. Bush and John McCain have spread a lot of bull shit about fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq. McCain recently said that the Iranians were helping Al Qaeda and that they were slipping across the border into Iran.
Of course that was totally wrong, Iran is not helping Al Qaeda nor does it provide them sanctuary.
Iran does cause trouble but it is Shia groups that get their help. This constant mention of Al Qaeda is more of the scare tactics and confusion the Bush administration has used since before this war began.
The Bush administration loudly trumpets the so-called success of "the surge." This is more smoke and mirrors. The main reason for reduced violence in Irag is the truce placed in force by Shia leader Muqtada Al Sadr.
Another reason for decreased violence is the fact that the United States has been paying off Sunni militia leaders which used to target Americans.
It is disgraceful that even now, after 5 years of war, 4,000 American dead, thousands wounded, over a million Iraqis dead, that we are still being lied to by this President and his minions.
It also demonstrates that John McCain is unfit for the office of President. He is confused, unsure of the facts and he has a temper which flares out of control and should be of grave concern to voters.
A President needs to be calm and steady and sure of his facts. A President should be one who is open and honest and can be trusted to speak truth to the people.


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