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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bush Continues Lies About Al Qaeda, Iraq, War On Terror...

Speaking at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina President Bush
today, Tuesday, July 24, lied, distorted and engaged in some kind of
bizarre attempt at hypnotizing listeners with a mantra like repetition of
the term "Al Qaeda in Iraq!"
Bush repeated the term 95 times in the speech in which he
attempted to claim that Al Qaeda in Iraq is the same Al Qaeda that attacked
us on 9-11. He also attempted to convince the public that Osama Bin Laden
is calling the shots in Iraq. From the start of the invasion and occupation
of Iraq Bush and his minions, Cheney, Rumsfield, et al, deliberately
tried to confuse the public into connecting Saddam Hussein and the invasion
of Iraq with the war on terror initiated by the 9-11 attacks.
President Bush said Tuesday that al Qaeda in Iraq is part of Osama bin
Laden's terrorist network.
"Al Qaeda is in Iraq and they're there for a reason," Bush said.
"Surrendering the future of Iraq for al Qaeda would be a disaster to our
"The facts are that Al Qaeda terrorists killed Americans on 9/11, they're
fighting us in Iraq and across the world, and they're plotting to kill
Americans here at home again."
Bush made one statement that was so dumb, so incredibly stupid it staggers the brain! He said "There is a reason they are called Al Qaeda in Iraq, that's because they are Al Qaeda....in Iraq!" Say what? He wants us to believe that this is the same network led by bin Laden. It's simply not true. Bush is again deliberately misleading the American people.
The facts are that the insurgents in Iraq are a mixed bag and the war is
a beacon for recruiting and inspiring more terrorists than ever.
The war by the Mujahadeen against the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan
basically created the current jihadist war. And the U.S. helped get it
going. We backed the jihadi movement then with weapons, most notably
Stinger missiles, equipment, training and material support. Osama Bin
Laden and other current jihadis were recipients of that aid.
The notion that we can "fight them over there" so they wont come here
is patently absurd. This war has made us less safe, not more so.
"Winning," whatever that means, will in no way lessen the terror threat
to America or any other country.
American troops are ging to be in Iraq for a long time. There will be
no peace there until we can have talks with, and come to agreement with
Iran, Syria and the other nations of the area.


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